M&A in 2030: AI’s role in dealmaking

05 March 2019 - 09:41 am UTC

Mergermarket is pleased to present M&A in 2030: AI’s role in dealmaking, published in association with Imprima.
As artificial intelligence (AI) tools become more widely adopted, M&A professionals must consider how the technology might change their professions and how they might take advantage of opportunities those changes will bring. To find out what market observers see as the best ways to address these matters, Mergermarket on behalf of Imprima spoke with five experts.
Points of discussion include:
  • AI and the M&A process: While the vast majority of M&A processes are still carried out in much the same way they have been for the past decade or more, many firms are seriously exploring the use of AI tools, although the level of penetration varies widely across sectors and organisations
  • Transforming skill sets: Over the coming ten years, M&A practitioners at all stages of their careers will have to learn not only how to use AI tools, but which of their other skills to hone in an evolving environment
  • Change is coming: Extrapolating into the future, it is not only work and tasks that will change, but the overall shape and culture of the profession
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